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If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then probably you’re doing it wrong

The name

You could also call this heading ‘Our philosophy’. 

A’afiyah is an arabic word. The google translation shows us its meaning as ‘Health‘. Other meanings shown is ‘Lush green vegetation‘. We are taking the interpretation of the word A’afiyah as ‘blessings‘ by the Almighty

The logo

After spending don’t know how many hours and taking breaks and then reworking and coming up and nearly finalizing options, This current logo just appeared a good fit.

It is in sync with the name. As we just saw, receiving A’afiyah is like getting the blessings showered by The Almighty. So if you look at the bluish part of the logo, its an arrow pointer facing downwards, which is representing the A’afiyah coming down on us. The yellowish green part is the inverted version of the arrow pointer facing upwards, which represents our supplications going upwards to the Almighty. 

So basically, when we make supplications to The Almighty, he in return blessing us with the A’afiyah.

The team

We are a team with the knowledge and hands on experience of various industry verticals. Good hand on software development technologies and methodologies. Good sense of business strategies and operations. Have worked on many projects.

If there is anything that you think we can do, let us know here or below