Health-E Doctor's Appointment UI Kit (Free)


The UI Kit contains the Doctor’s appointment booking App screens. Use it for UI/ UX inspiration or for your App’s front end development. It should give you a good headstart to expedite your App idea

The kit also includes the flow for medical services such as Pathology Services, Diagnostic Services, etc.

Quick Overview:

– 60 Screens

– High Fidelity 

– Interactive Prototype

– Fresh Color 

– Modern UI

– Customizable Elements

– Adobe XD & Figma Files

Why you should consider purchasing?

– You have decided to create an app for doctors/ medical professionals/ Medical Services

– You are a software developer freelancer/ company and your client has decided to create an app for doctors/ medical professionals/ Medical Services

– You are a front end developer and you need some inspiration/ or ready to use screens to get a jump start on your new project

– You are a backend developer and you don’t have expertise in the front end/ or don’t want to spend too much time designing the front end

– You need to revamp an existing app

What should you expect from this UI Kit?

– This UI kit gives you the ready to use and customizable UI screens.

Please go through the following points:

User/ Patient:

– Can search for doctors nearby, or by categories

–  Patients can search for medical services such as Blood Banks, ambulances, Pathology Lab, etc.

– They can filter the results based on a number of criteria such as doctor’s experience, educations, ratings

– They can book an appointment from the app itself

– They can review or rate the doctor

– They can see their past bookings

– They can add doctors to favorite list

– They can view doctors profile, clinic pics, availability, reviews & Ratings

– They can book an appointment at medical services like Diagnostic Centers for X-rays, CT scans, etc.

– They can reschedule their appointment

What’s included in the purchase?

You will get Adobe XD file and the Figma File.

The amount you pay is one time fees.

Future versions are covered in that, so whenever there is a new version available, you can download for free

Future versions Roadmap

– Search box interactions

– More micro/ macro interactions

– Dark theme screens

– Screens for doctors

– Web App screens

Download Category & Services Icons from here (Paid) –>

For any queries/ suggestions:

PS: If you are using Figma or Sketch. Please have a look at this article to understand how this particular file can be used.